We provide consulting services in
four imperative areas

At Breaking Boundaries, we challenge companies and their leadership to reach full potential. We create the right conditions for transformation.




By analyzing a venture and developing strategies based on your systems and skills.


We combine project and change management with line management experience. In doing so, we've created solid business values;  we're about efficiency and profitability.

And above all, we're about satisfied stakeholders.

We challenge you, we support you. We help develop your people and your projects so you achieve goals you may not have thought possible.

What sets us apart

We start with your needs, interests and perspectives to create powerful, long-term change.

During our many years of experience, we've worked for organizations large and small. We've acted as a catalyst for positive change in private and government organizations.

We've also provided our expertise on a global level across several different industries.


Our focus is on realistic strategy and concrete results.

With a strong grasp on business challenges, we use our insight to provide solid support.


Project management

With competition becoming tougher all the time, there is a need for new solutions. It's essential that organizations prioritize, plan and deliver solutions fast.


That's where the need for unerring project management comes in.


At Breaking Boundaries, our project management services will change your business.

Whether it's about streamlining, organizing or business development, we're the consultants you need. Looking to centralize your systems or introduce a new business-critical IT infrastructure?


Our team is with you every step of the journey. From analysis to creation, implementation and follow up, you'll have our support.


Change management

Change begins with individuals; as such long-term impact is not always easy to achieve.


What forestalls change?


Human factors such as a lack of understanding or commitment.There is a fear of risk, a failure to see the benefits.


But with effective communication, all change is possible.


At Breaking Boundaries, we understand that change affects employee commitment. We understand the value of taking employees beyond their comfort level. And we know that when leaders compress the journey, employees respond faster. 


With this knowledge, we help leaders to create trust and bring about change. We assist employees to understand and embrace the process. 


In this way we create transformation on all levels.

We use our unique insight to smooth the road to change by preparing managers and employees alike. We help all who are involved to see their contribution to the change.


The result?


Effective, efficient change with minimal upheaval.


We'll help create risk analysis, planning and communication processes. 

Our training will inspire employees to maximize their role in the change process.


We'll support your organization through every step of your growth to ensure success.

Business development

"Successful companies never stay in one place. Companies that succeed
are those who adopt change and the ability to develop in their DNA."

Achieving goals and staying profitable over time is vital for success.


At Breaking Boundaries, we help your team to set tasks and priorities in line with these targets. We bridge the gaps between strategy, structure and culture.

Our end goals?


Business development & transformation.


To achieve success, it's essential to understand both the how and the why. And these elements change from business to business.


We'll work with you to get to the next level by creating the perfect conditions for your team's success.


We will support your operations through the following services:


  • Conducting a full review of existing control models, processes, and work forms.

  • Further developing strategic plans for the future of the business.

  • Evaluating new ideas and opportunities.

  • Implementing new projects and managing change in process.


At Breaking Boundaries Consulting we take part in developing and improving new strategies.We map your current situation and propose areas that need improvement.

Our end goal? To prepare your company for the demands of your future success.



Digitization affects most industries and business areas today and purchases are no exception. What your company does to prepare for digitization today can have a huge impact in the future.

To succeed, business owners must be experts in economic issues.

They must master law, risk assessment, and business intelligence. They must also act as internal consultants for others in the organization and the supply chain.

Purchasers must stop focusing on cost savings and behave as a business partner to the entire organization. They must also act as an innovator to find new solutions.


Our team specializes in purchasing and category management.


This puts us in the position to offer support with tactical and strategic purchasing.


How do we do it?


By providing support with:


  • Reviewing and improving purchasing strategies

  • Streamlining and optimizing processes and routines

  • Creating framework for follow-up measures

  • Support the selection, evaluation, and implementation of purchasing tools

  • Executing change and improvement


To do this, we create efficient purchasing processes that yield lasting results through:

  • Cost control and cost follow up

  • Increased customer value

  • High profitability

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Effective processes and control models


Your purchasing and category management will take on a whole new level of efficiency.


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T: +46 70 750 98 21 / M: info@bbcg.se

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