Breaking Boundaries Consulting began in 2017. Founder Britt Konnander had a long history of business success. Having worked with many ventures, she noticed a common issue.The need for objectivity in the decision-making process.

Ms. Konnander then connected with senior partners experienced in several industries, and Breaking Boundaries was born.


At Breaking Boundaries, our team takes pride in helping leadership open up to new thinking and ideas. We break down stale processes and improve business strategy through innovation and growth.


We'll help your business reach new heights.

Mission statement

As a business owner it can seem impossible to take time out to build new processes. And if you're close to your business, objectivity is tough.

Other factors include internal politics and a lack of resources. In short, remaining unbiased toward the future of your venture is a struggle.


At Breaking Boundaries, we've helped countless clients overcome that hurdle.

Our combined experience and history of success spans many industries.


We recognize that the world of business changes fast. Today's world puts great demand on organizations and individuals. Agile thinking and fast-paced change mean success.

At Breaking Boundaries, we act as a partner, a catalyst, to rapid change. We help teams go beyond their comfort zone through challenge and motivation.

We also offer full support in the business-critical, cross-functional changes needed for success. We provide fresh strategy and impartial implementation.


In short?

In short, we offer everything your venture needs to grow.


About Britt

As a business consultant, I have a wealth of experience in line management and growth. I'm committed to putting my expertise to work for you.


Every business has vast improvement potential and unleashing that potential is my passion.


I have served in many disciplines for different companies over the years. My career has ranged from development to purchasing, marketing/sales and administration.


The areas I've worked in most include system implementatio products and management. I have a successful history with everything from projects, divisions, subsidiaries and groups.


I have also met and worked with many business leaders and organizations. I provide full support through both individual and company-wide transformations.


My journey has done much to shape the person I am, and many businesses have benefited from my expertise.


I hope you will let your business be one of them.


Our values

Every client is unique and gaining insight into each independent organization is vital.


From culture to organizational structure and everything between, we get to know you.


We respond to your business according to what's best for you.

That's how we're able to guarantee that you'll reach your company will reach its full potential.

As a goal-oriented team, we love a challenge and we're never afraid to test new ground. 


How does that benefit your venture?


It means we dare to challenge, to question the status quo. We enable our customers to access

their deepest creativity. We also help your team grow stronger with every obstacle.


We make the impossible, possible.




We strive for simplicity in all processes and procedures.


Why is this important?


By simplifying, we break down barriers and remove boundaries.


With simplicity, communication is open and effective, and your venture can move ahead.


When your business embraces simplicity, you'll find success.

Taking responsibility is key to success. 

And at Breaking Boundaries we take responsibility for all our actions. 


Here’s how we do it:

  • Focusing on smart solutions and results.

  • Engaging in discussion and supporting  organizational decisions.

  • Keeping our commitments and promises.

  • Helping your team members grow and succeed

Our company values speak to the commitments your organization needs to find success. 


We guarantee that we'll behave in accordance with these values as we help you reach the top.




Our partners

Breaking Boundaries Consulting offers our customers a network of qualified professionals. From project managers and senior consultants to specialists in your industry.

Every member of our network is an entrepreneur, consultant or business developer. We also

collaborate with other consultant agencies. All understand the advantage of having a virtual

network to help customers grow.


By combining our skills, we are able to support you in your journey. We are able to ensure that

our consultants are able to lead you to success.


Our primary focus is not on billable hours or assignments; we focus instead on meeting your



Challenge us today!

Join the network

We're always looking for experts to help shape our clients!


If you’re skilled in:

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • Business development

  • Lean methodologies

  • Architecture or IT management


We'd love to hear from you! Have experience in different industries? Join us!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop your business and grow your network? Want to

work in consulting and business development?


At Breaking Boundaries, we can help broaden your horizons!


We're looking for independent, dedicated and creative individuals.


So if you're a hardworking and committed professional, join our network today!

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