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4 steps of becoming happier & more productive

Uppdaterat: 17 okt. 2019

Most people try to chase happiness by seeking things from the outside world, and after they gain something that makes them happy, they start to compare with others. This is a guaranteed path that leads to unsatisfied and unfilled life.

How a person perceives things depends on their decision. If you want to see things in a positive light you will have one life, if you want to see them in a negative way you will have another life. Happiness comes from within and you are the master of deciding how you want to perceive your life.

So what leads to true happiness? One best way to start living a happier life is by practicing gratitude and appreciation.

A couple of years ago I read an article from a guy called Dean Young, Quora Top Writer and contributor to several major publications, about his thoughts in this topic, I can only agree with his simple four steps of becoming happier.

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Start taking note each day. State down 3 persons you like to thank and why. No one you like to thank today? What about 3 events that you should appreciate? Appreciate life challenges instead, rather than feeling angry about them.

2. Ask the right questions every morning.

Beware about the question you ask yourself in your head, because that’s how thoughts and self-judgment is formed.

So, ask yourself these questions:

What am I feeling proud of right now? You can be proud of yourself – start paying attention to what you have and how far you have come, even it’s just a tiny achievement. You can be proud of people around you – celebrate small wins of your spouse and your children.

What am I feeling grateful about right now? Again, this is a question you can ask yourself when you’re taking your daily gratitude journal. Recall the moment when someone did something kind for you or any event that makes you feel lucky.

When you ask these questions in your head, your subconscious mind will seek for the answer to prove you right. Again, negative thoughts create negative outcome positive thoughts create positive outcome.

3. Use “get to” instead of “have to”

By changing your vocabulary, you’re changing how you feel. Rather than complaining or feeling bad about things you “have to” do or challenges you “have to” go through, think a little differently. You “get to” experience and do them.

For example:

· I have to sit in a meeting for a whole day → I get to to sit in a meeting a whole day.

· I have to take care of this huge change → I get to take care of this huge change

· I have to to listen and help all my employees with their problems → I get to listen and help my employees with their problems.

4. Make “practicing appreciation” a habit.

Never stop a good process and always schedule for the next thing big thing.

My own reflection.

Often, we focus on things that we can´t control instead of changing and focusing on things that we can do. You can´t control the past or someone’s life and what they said but you can change you and your perception.

Don’t forget life changes the moment. You make the decision how you want to experience life. You are the one who decides if you want to put on the happy glasses or the negative ones. The choice is yours. You are the authority of your emotions and actions.

Every problem we have, has been created by us and the good thing is that every problem we have we can solve by deciding how we are going to approach it.

Or as Tony Robbins, an well-known American author, philanthropist, and life coach ones said.

“Where focus goes energy flows. When you are grateful you can´t be angry or fearful.”

Practicing appreciation is a keystone habit. It changes many things around you. You will start to see things and people around you with a different lens, you will start view life in a new – better – perspective.

As a change manager I have been using these tools in projects and change initiatives to make people change mindsets to become happier and more productive in life.

If you are interested in how we can help you and your team don’t hesitate to contact us.

Breaking Boundaries Consulting,, mobile 070 750 98 21

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