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  • Britt Konnander

Thank you dear readers & followers of BBC blog!

Uppdaterat: 21 okt. 2019

We started the BBC blog April 2019, and since than we have had the honor of reaching out to many readers in many countries in the world. For that I would personally like to thank each and one of you who is reading and catching up on our summaries on the latest trends, leadership, change management, transformation, procurement and more.

Thank you for all the likes and sharing and great comments. Please do continue share and comments. Sharing is caring!

And for the once who are curious about us but have not yet checked in on our blog yet click on Don´t be afraid to share your own thoughts and experiences.

My perpetual plea –  if something resonates leave a comment (trust me it is the fuel that keeps us going), and share them via twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or in your internal platforms like yammer / workplace!

About Breaking Boundaries Consulting;

At Breaking Boundaries, we challenge companies and their leadership to reach full potential. We create the right conditions for transformation. We combine project and change management with line management experience. In doing so, we've created solid business values; we're about efficiency and profitability. We challenge you, we support you. We help develop your people and your projects so you achieve goals you may not have thought possible.

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