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The mission “100 % DPA” at Hi3G has now come to an end.

After one year of working intensively with one of the most important regulations, the dreaded GDPR, we finally reached our goal. It has not only been a journey for compliance but also an opportunity for the companies to reinforce the commitments in respecting the privacy and upholding the data protection rights of all individuals.

I have had the pleasure, together with a team of lawyers and procurement specialist, to help Hi3G getting all their Data Processing Agreements (DPA) in place. It has been a challenging and exciting cross-functional trip that has and will have great impact on how business will be done in the future.

What made this journey possible was the PEOPLE in the organization, their willingness, understanding and helpfulness in moving this mission forward.

Even though there have been so many other important things pulling everyone in different directions they always took the time to understand, support and assist in the GDPR negotiations. Without the PEOPLE the goal of “100 % DPA” would not have been possible to reach.

Thank you all Hi3G colleagues for your support, positive spirit and opportunity based thinking. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your vendors.

Good luck Hi3G and my best wishes for the coming year.

If you are interested in reading my 10 tips on how to get started with GDPR from a procurement perspective click on the linke below


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