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8 Key Factors of Successful Transformation

To thrive in today’s marketplace, doing business as usual isn’t going to work as a strategy against your competitors.

Today, we are all aware of countless companies that have fallen victim to disruptive business models — from video rental companies and big-box retailers to newspapers and bookstores. In virtually all of these cases, you could boil the problem down to a failure to adapt to change. In today’s digital economy, the new mantra for businesses is “adapt or perish.”

The accelerated pace at which technology is advancing and reshaping the world intensifies the speed at which organizations must reimagine their industries.

The Transformation is Must if you want your Company to survive.

Here comes my Bucket list of 8 Key Factors for a Successful Transformation.
  1. Clear Vision. Start with the Business “WHY”, the reason behind the initiative. Transformation efforts need to be customer-centric and not driven from inside out.

  2. Get the Buy In from the Management Team and Strategic Funding.

  3. Create the “Dream team”, a mix of people with different skills and right mindset who wants to participate. The right mindset is essential, because Skillset without Mindset Result in Upset.

  4. Focus on Value and Fit when selecting technology. By conducting the proper due diligence to verify the value the technology brings, increases the business possibilities to harness the anticipated benefits.

  5. Collaborate & Communicate. Departmental silos are islands of rich resources which must be bridged to benefit the business.

  6. Culture for Change adaptiveness, Values and beliefs drive the behavior of people.

  7. Consistently Monitor and Measure Success

  8. Celebrate Small and Big successes and have Fun during the journey.

Businesses that are prepared for the Changes and have a Clear Vision for the End Results has a higher probability of Success.

Me at Breaking Boundaries Consulting have helped many companies in their Transformation Journeys. If you are interested in unlocking your companies hidden potential don´t hesitate to give me a call or send me and email.

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