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  • Britt Konnander

This is how voice tech is taking over the world

By 2023, the number of voice assistants will bypass the number of humans in the world

Voice technologies will become more and more important to us, as:

✓ Our world will soon count 2 billion 60+ year-old people, illustrating the need for innovative care giving ✓ A recent survey of 20,000 adults found that half of people suffer increasingly from loneliness. According to another study, loneliness is riskier for health than obesity

As voice technologies are advancing at fast pace, World Economic Forum identified five main stages in this evolution:

  • Instruct: one-way instruction to a voice assistant to perform an action

  • Interact: two-ways discussion, with suggestions (where we are today)

  • Predict: using internal and external data, and machine learning to provide predictions

  • Empathize: similar to a caregiver providing practical and emotional support

  • Relate: voice assistant becomes a friend or partner who provides distinct emotional

Click on the link below and see the Movie made by World Economic Forum on this topic. Very inspiring.

What are your thoughts about on this topic? Pros and cons? Share your ideas in the comment field below.

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