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Your path is unique, don't trade it for less..

I had to share this film full of wisdom produced and told by @Jay Shetty, Award Winning host and storyteller. Below you will find some of the wisdom written down from the film. Do take a moment to reflect on the things being said. And do feel free to add your personal comment to this article.

Everyone learns differently, we teach and test everyone if they were exactly the same. Most people fail because they are not realizing that everyone has a different piece of question paper. Why is that?

We spend a lot of time on theoretical and tactical knowledge not enough time on the creative and practical.

The history that we learn in school doesn’t help us define the future. We know how to do multiple choice but struggle to make decisions.

We know about the human body but not how to find our self.

We learn about the brain but not about the mental health.

We were always pushed to the end but never knew how to start.

We were always told to get over stuff and not how to go through.

So what have we really learned?

The real test we will face is rejection, dealing with failure, having to start at scratch and things not going our way. The real challenges we will face are going to be empathetic, understanding peoples challenges and the ability pressing pause.

In school you get the test first and lesson after but in real life you will get the test first and lesson after.

Life is disguised as an exam but it is more like a practice test.

Don´t be limited by society. Your path is unique, don´t trade it for less

Life is the most difficult exam but most people are looking at someone else´s desk.

My personal belief is that you need both parts in your Life, without the knowledge (theory) it is difficult to build the practice and without the practice we are not as ready as we could be i real Life. Many schools are lacking the last part but i also know that this is changing today.

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